Freedom Chic Productions 
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Creative Services

Website, Logo, Flyer Design & of course, Photography
We are in the midst of building this page, so just e-mail or call us (773.456.3836)
We'll be happy to answer any questions you have!
Not only did we design the site you are on right now, but we also designed our other site, Fetch Portraits. Concept, Logo, Tagline, Photos, Video & content.
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We're kinda partial to this one, since it was done for our favorite new friends in Northwest Indiana, Bark & Meow Mobile Pet Bakery! Concept & Product Photos.
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Many of our designs have been for event flyers & posters as well as postcards & business cards.
You really must see this one live. It's animated! Check out Toddlepix.
Our latest project is an eCommerce site, Aunt Ruby. We did the design. If you need Development, we can refer you.
This is what we are currently working on! No links to share yet, but check back soon to see the progress!