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"We can help your company leverage the depth and interactivity of the Web to create an experience that is available to your potential customer 24/7."
Preparing for Your Shoot

Get rid of all the clutter. Are you done? Do it again! We can't stress enough how important it is that you "genericize" your space. There are many things you may think are fine to leave sitting out, yet when you see the picture they'll stick out like a sore thumb. You want your space to look like the pages of a magazine. We want to help. So, click the appropriate link below to learn more...

I'm Showcasing my Business

I am Selling or Renting a Home/Condo/Office/Etc.

Too Much To Handle?
Why not consider a Professional Organizer? Whether you need an overhaul or just a consultation, we recommend Road to Organized. As a matter of fact, mention us and you'll get 10% off!



Check the WEATHER
We live in a city that requires attention to weather. We've all left the house in shorts and come home wishing we had a snowsuit. I've even been on the North side on the phone with a South sider and found we were completely different climates! When we discuss your shoot, we'll talk about the weather conditions and then keep an eye on the reports up until the appointment. You know best what the sky is like at your location, though. Don't hesitate to call us up and let us know it seems like night time outside...we might be coming from a sunny place and have no idea what we're headed towards! Don't worry, though...Mother Nature has to be in a pretty bad mood to keep us from shooting.


It's that simple! Sit back, put your feet up, turn on the tube, have a're done! We'll handle the rest. If you do have more questions, just ask.