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YouTube Videos

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A Cost Effective Solution for SEO & Marketing

Let's start by explaining a little bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When people try to find you on the internet, they use a Search Engine, like Google. Google used to only look for text, so as long as you had text on your website, you could get found. Recently, Google began indexing video results along with text. This means that if your competitors have text AND video (many of them do), they get found first. Although there are many pieces to the puzzle that is SEO, video is an extremely important one.

In addition to your presence on YouTube (one of the most popular sites on the internet, worldwide), you will also be able to post the video on your own site, just like I've done above. You have a choice of background colors & sizes as well. This will make your web content more dynamic and help to keep your site visitors on your site.

Let's face it; in this economy, we need all the help we can get. The ability to pay just $25 to get such an important piece of your online marketing is a no can't afford NOT to do this!

Search Engine Optimization AND Dynamic Site Content for only $25???

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