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Many home buyers will make decisions on whether they’ll view a home in person based on the photos which they see online.  With that in mind, please review the following checklist items to be performed prior to your scheduled appointment. We want the space clean, open, clutter-free and to appear much larger than it is. Please complete as many of these suggestions as possible to ensure the best presentation of your home to potential buyers. Enjoy your Virtual Tour!

If you find that you have too much stuff & not enough hiding places (Need help? Take the Road to Organized), you must at least round up the extra items not wanted in the photographs and put them in one space. This will ensure that nothing is unintentionally photographed. It will also keep the shoot time to a minimum. Shoot delays can cause you to incur extra charges. Extreme delays may require rescheduling.

We are photographers. We exist to capture your home as it is when we arrive. We are not consultants and we are definitely not your Realtor. If you follow the steps below and still want an opinion, please contact your Realtor prior to the shoot.

Please note- the photographer cannot:

  Move furniture
  Clean or dust
  Move garbage
  Pick up/move clutter (toys, dirty dishes, dog toys, etc.)

Freedom Chic photographers will make sure your property looks amazing online, but we don't clean or stage homes. The photographer cannot move furniture, clean, dust, move garbage or belongings, or pick up and/or move clutter (toys, dirty dishes, dog toys, etc.). The home MUST be ready for the photographer when he/she arrives. Upon arrival our photographers can wait no longer than 15 minutes for additional home preparations. If a delay occurs, your virtual tour will be rescheduled and you will be assessed a 50% rescheduling fee. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 773-456-3836 or e-mail us at

We appreciate your cooperation!

Indoor- General

Please be POSITIVE that every single light in your home is working. This includes lamps, ceiling fans, stove top, under cabinet, vanity, etc. This is the #1 checklist item for a is a MUST!
   - Move excess furniture out of the rooms we are shooting.    - Open window coverings to let in the natural light and neighbourhood views (vertical and Venetian blinds turned to open position).
   - Turn on all interior lights.
   - Turn ceiling fans, television sets and computer screens off.
   - Straighten clean any bookshelves, display units, etc.
   - Tuck trash cans out of view in a closet or a cupboard.
   - Remove pets and evidence of pets like bowls, toys and litter boxes.
   - Clean the windows

   - Please make sure all loose items throughout your home are put away. This includes personal items like cell phones, ipods, shoes, books, brief cases, jewelry, etc. Please have children’s toys, playpens, highchairs put in rooms that will not be shot like the laundry room.

**Depersonalize – Allow your prospective buyer to see the house as their home. Remove items that are personal or unique to your family and lifestyle. Things such as trophies, collections, groupings of family portraits This will enable your prospective buyer to envision their own style in the house.


   - If you have more than one car, you actually may want to try to get spots in front of the house & move them at the end of the shoot so the photographer can get a clean shot of your exterior.
   - Remove/hide any garbage or recycling containers.
   - Yard or patio should be neat; outdoor furniture should be in good shape.
   - Make sure the driveway & entryway are free of clutter (toys, bikes, etc.)
   - Keep the sidewalks cleared of snow, leaves & newspapers.
   - If circulars or advertisements have been attched to your gate or door, remove them.


   - Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored away.
   - Close toilet lid and empty the garbage.
   - If you have a toilet brush caddy, remove it.
   - Clean mirrors & glass surfaces.
   - Hang clean towels neatly from towel bar.
   - Don't forget inside the shower/tub. Your shower curtain will most likely be opened for the bathroom shot, so you will need to remove all shampoos, etc from here as well.

   - Make sure dirty/clean dishes are out of the sink & put away.
   - Keep kitchen counter tops as clear of items as possible.If you have any appliances that do not match your theme (i.e. a white coffee maker in an all stainless kitchen), remove them. You can hide them in the oven if you are out of space.
   - Remove any items which may be taped are otherwise fastened to the refrigerator.
   - Remove any towels/dishrags from the area.

Work Spaces:
   - Box up papers, files, books, pens, scissors, etc.
   - Wind up the cords & try to tuck them out of site.

   - Beds made.
   - All piles (books, magazines, bags, etc.) & clothing removed.
   - Remove anything hanging on the back of doors.
   - Remove throw blankets.
   - If there are items visible underneath the bed remove them.

Closets/Pantries/Laundry Rooms
Unless you specifically request, these areas will not be photographed. If you have any of these areas that should be showcased, you'll need to organize it. A small room that is filled with clothes or food doesn't photograph well unless you take the time to make it show worthy. Group like items and remove anything that should not be in there.

   - Hang all clothing by color. Remove dry cleaning bags. Hide undergarments & socks. Remove items from floor. If you have a box of paperwork, childrens toys or anything else that is not for a clothing closet, remove them.
   - Put all cans in one area, label facing front. Put all boxes in one area, organized by size. Continue to group in this fashion. If there are coats, a vacuum or anything else that does not belong in a pantry, remove them.