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"We can help your company leverage the depth and interactivity of the Web to create an experience that is available to your potential customer 24/7."
Virtual Tour
Points of Interest
1) Custom banner for your Agency
2) Contact information
3) Another logo or picture can be added to further customize each tour.
4) Links to your E-mail and Web site.
5) Auto Play- This wonderful slideshow feature will showcase all of your snapshots within the virtual tour in a slide by slide presentation.
6) The ?Back/Next? button returns the viewers to the previous scene or takes them to the next scene.
7) Share the Tour:
     - E-mail button allows viewers to E-mail a link of the tour to family & friends.
    - The Download button allows viewers to download the tour as a program file for quick and easy distribution by CD, or other types of media.
     - The favorite?s button allows viewers to add this tour to the favorites section of their web browser.
8) Map the Tour:
      - Automatic maps of the location of each tour for the convenience of the tour viewer.
      - An overhead aerial and satellite view is placed on every tour.
9) Additional information about the city can be accessed on every tour.
10) Mortgage Info button can be linked to your preferred mortgage lender?s site as a lead generator.
11) Navigating through tours very easy. Help is just a click away.
12) Each scene within the tour is accessible with our drop down shortcut menu.
13) Property/MLS Info.
14) Add marketing partners...the key to getting your tours for free!
15) All tours have Hot Spots that can be customized for each client. Hot Spots give the viewer information and a sense of direction within the tour. Clicking on them brings you to another scene in the tour that is physically located near the Hot Spot!
16) Navigation buttons give viewers control over turning left, right, up, down, and zoom in or out.
17) Spinfo- This allows you to enter a text based description of each scene within the virtual tour.
18) Skin colors are customizable on every tour allowing you to fully personalize your virtual tours.

Click just below each picture to
View the Virtual Tour!

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