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"We can help your company leverage the depth and interactivity of the Web to create an experience that is available to your potential customer 24/7."
Still Image Photography

Here's the Scoop...

As hard as I've tried, I haven't found a nice way to say this. You are taking a big chance with your images if you go to one of the leading providers. I used to work for one. The pictures I took with their recommended equipment & camera settings are representend in the left column. I was not at all satisifed with their recommendations and always took it upon myelf to go the extra mile. You can see the results of that effort next to each photo. If you are going to get professional photos taken, you need to go to a true professional. You can depend on Freedom Chic Productions. We won't disappoint you.

The Other Guys

No Editing

Insufficient Lighting
Improper Lens

Low Resolution Pictures


Great care is taken for an accurate view!

We'll showcase your rooms in their BEST light!
Wide Angle Lens
"Oh look! Its Lofted! And there's a Closet!"
Resolution High Enough for Print Ads!*
*You can blow our pictures up Poster size & much larger. If you really want a billboard, we can do that, but we need to know 72 hours in advance.